Is it hard for you to find

good managers?

coaches, officials and volunteers?

Do you want to increase

your funding?

your visibility?

What about investing in women and girls?

They are more than 400 million in Europe

The potential recruitment pool is huge...


Sport remains a male-dominated


In Europe, women make up only:


of the members
of a sports club or federation


of the presidents
of the national Olympic sports federations


of the board members
of the national Olympic Committees

1 in 5 employed elite coaches
in national Olympic sport federations

Source: European Union and Council of Europe “ALL IN: Towards gender balance in sport” joint project (2019)

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To improve your sport, your
organisation and our society
invest in girls and women!


Gender equality helps score points

Diverse organisations perform better

Economic growth

Increased human resources

Positive image

Public health and social development for all

Education, inclusion and empowerment for all

Fairness and justice

To know more about
why we should tackle
gender inequalities in sport

PDF - 450 KB

In Europe, only a few organisations have an action plan to address gender equality in sport

23% of the national Olympic sport federations
Less than 2/3 of the national Olympic Committees
35% of the Ministries responsible for sports

Source: European Union and Council of Europe “ALL IN: Towards gender balance in sport” joint project (2019)
© photo Sport Ireland


It’s high time we perform better

Committed to being first out of the blocks are:

Mr David Lappartient
President, Union Cycliste Internationale

Mr João Paulo Rebelo
Secretary of State for youth and sport, Portugal

Mr Noel Curran
EBU Director General

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Willing to play in

the gender equality championship?

Here are your workouts:

1Develop an action plan

Download the factsheet
PDF - 500 KB

2Seek equal participation of men and women at all levels

Download the factsheet
PDF - 520 KB

3Ensure a fair distribution of resources to all sports and all athletes

Download the factsheet
PDF - 515 KB

4Engage in gender-sensitive communication

Download the factsheet
PDF - 500 KB

5Create sporting opportunities attractive to everyone

Download the factsheet
PDF - 530 KB

6Make training programmes and PE free from gender stereotypes

Download the factsheet
PDF - 460 KB

7Plan and organise gender-sensitive sports events and competitions

Download the factsheet
PDF - 480 KB

8Design and manage sports facilities tailored to everyone’s needs

Download the factsheet
PDF - 540 KB

And ensure a zero tolerance towards discrimination, sexual
harassment, violence and sexism in all actions you implement

For full details, download the
“How to make an impact
on gender equality in sport” toolkit

ZIP - 7.4 Mo

Illustrations made by the students of the School of Arts in Epinal (France):
Cécile Cuny, Mona Hackel, Manon Karsenti, Laureline Othenin-Girard, Alice Stevens and Elif Yigit





Have a look at these good practices

A gender equality sports programme:
“Women in sport programme” (Ireland)

A training programme to encourage women to become sports leaders:
“Leads like a woman” (Finland)

An initiative that teaches young boys about gender equality and diversity:
“Locker room talk” (Sweden)

ALL IN: Towards gender balance in sport (Erasmus +)

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