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Fighting cybercrime: GLACY project

Council of Europe and EU unite for Global Action on Cybercrime
9’51” 16 June 2015 Council of Europe Strasbourg

The Council of Europe and the European Union have joined forces to combat the ever-increasing threat of cybercrime, a global scourge that nets an estimated 100 billion euros per year for the criminals involved.

GLACY (Global Action on Cybercrime) is a joint project of the two European organisations, that aims to help countries all over the world to put into practice the Council of Europe’s Budapest Convention. This was the first international treaty on cybercrime, which covers a range of abuses including child porn, fraud, hate crimes, copyright infringement and hacking. GLACY’s specific objective is to enable criminal justice authorities to engage in international cooperation on cybercrime and electronic evidence. This involves harmonising laws, training judicial officials and strengthening law enforcement capacities.

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