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Some 10 - 12 million Roma people are estimated to live in Europe, present in each country. They are amongst the most deprived of all communities, facing daily discrimination and racial insults, living in extreme poverty and exclusion from the normal life that other people take for granted – going to school, seeing the doctor, applying for a job or having decent housing. Past efforts to help them have not brought the hoped-for results, and although laws do exist in Europe, they all too often fail to make an impact on the daily lives of Roma families.

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Council of Europe videos about Roma

Roma - a forgotten Holocaust
2'55"Watch now
In memory of half a million Roma murdered by the Nazis
2 August 2020
Roma Integration 2020 Belgrade
Open your mind - go beyond stereotypes!
1'40"Watch now
Teaching the facts about Roma people
8 April 2019
Council of Europe Strasbourg
Open your mind - go beyond prejudice!
2'10"Watch now
Using a feline metaphor to dispel Roma stereotypes
8 April 2019
Council of Europe Strasbourg
Roma holocaust survivor
5'24"Watch now
Marin Constantin witnessed mass brutality in Nazi-controlled Ukraine
14 June 2011
Council of Europe Strasbourg
1'00''Watch now
Roma make positive contribution to our society
Rejected Roma
2'01''Watch now
Roma people living in camps in Europe
8 March 2016
Council of Europe Strasbourg
Roma mediators
9'41"Watch now
Roma mediators project (ROMED)
8 March 2016
Council of Europe Strasbourg


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