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Sport acts as a force for social integration, tolerance and understanding. It is open to all, regardless of age, language, religion, culture, or ability. Sport provides an opportunity to learn to play by commonly agreed rules, to behave with dignity both in victory and in defeat and to develop not only the physical being, but also social competences and ethical values. Its contribution to education is increasingly acknowledged. Sport has a key contribution to bring to the promotion of the human rights values of the Council of Europe. We act against the growing threats to human rights in sport through our conventions on violence, doping and match fixing.

Council of Europe videos on sports

Start to Talk
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Child sex abuse happens in sport too
5 September 2019
Council of Europe Strasbourg
Balance in Sport
4'02''Watch now
The Council of Europe is working to make sporting equality between men and women a reality
14 December 2016
Council of Europe Strasbourg
Working for safer, cleaner sport
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Ensuring our sports stadiums are safe and eradicating doping and match fixing
15 June 2016
Council of Europe Strasbourg
Corruption in sport
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Council of Europe convention against match fixing
3 September 2015
Council of Europe Strasbourg


Guest videos on sports

Euronews report on trafficking of African footballers
8'00"Watch now
Unscrupulous traffickers lure young players to Europe with false promises
10 March 2010
Council of Europe Strasbourg
Euronews report on match fixing
8'15"Watch now
Rigging football matches will ultimately destroy the sport
08 June 2012
Council of Europe Strasbourg

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