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Kas te olete avaliku elu tegelane?


Kas teil on roll järelvalve teostamisel spordis?


Kas te juhite spordiklubi, spordiühingut,



Kas te olete treener, sportlane?


Kas teie lapsed harrastavad sporti?

“kas teile läheb korda laste heaolu


ja nende õigused?

On aeg lõpetada laste seksuaalne väärkohtlemine spordis.


Lastel on raske sel teemal rääkida.

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Ligikaudu üks viiest lapsest Euroopas on mingit tüüpi seksuaalse vägivalla ohver

See hõlmab seksuaalset katsumist, vägistamist, seksuaalset ahistamist, peibutamist, ekshibitsionismi, ärakasutamist prostitutsioonis ja pornograafias, veebipõhist seksuaalset väljapressimist ja sundust...

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Seksuaalne väärkohtlemine jätab armid kogu eluks.

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Mõjuvõimu ja usalduse kuritarvitamise tõttu

70-85% lastele on väärkohtleja nende tuttav

Enamik neist lastest on ohvrid kellelegi, keda nad tunnevad ja usaldavad

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Väärkohtlemist juhtub ka spordis.

Spordis võivad lapsed olla ohus, kuna:

Füüsilise vägivalla ja vigastuste kõrge taluvus

Autoritaarne juhtimine ning treenerite ja sportlaste ebavõrdsed võimusuhted

Skandaalide vältimine: vahejuhtumid vaikitakse maha

Meeste domineerimine soolistes suhetes

Füüsiline kontakt on sageli vältimatu

Struktuurid põhinevad premeerimisel

Sageli tolereeritakse sobimatut seksuaalkäitumist, aktsepteeritakse diskrimineerimist ja soolist ebavõrdsust

Võimalikud ohuolukorrad: riietusruumid, duširuumid, ühised autosõidud, ööbimised

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Lastel on raske rääkida


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Umbes 1/3 väärkoheldud lastest ei räägi sellest kunagi mitte kellelegi

Mõned lapsed ei oska vägivalda ära tunda: väga väikesed lapsed, puudega lapsed

Hirm, et ei usuta või hirm tagajärgede ees: kättemaks ja võimalik mõju perekonnale, karjäärile, mainele

Häbi ja süü

Lapsed ei tea, kellele öelda

Ootus, et sportlased peaksid olema tugevad, haavatavust peetakse nõrkuseks

Segadus: mõned lapsed usuvad, et on tõelises suhtes

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Täiskasvanud peavad vaikuse murdma

Sport võib kujuneda lapsi jõustavaks ja kaitsvaks keskkonnaks

Täiskasvanute ülesanne on väärkohtlemist ennetada, lapsi kaitsta ja aidata võidelda karistamatuse vastu

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Vaikuse murdjad

Need on sportlased, treenerid, spordiklubid, alaliidud, poliitilised isikud ja arvamusliidrid, kes PÜHENDUVAD konkreetsete MEETMETE elluviimisele laste seksuaalse väärkohtlemise peatamiseks spordis


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"I excel at my sport thanks to the safe and healthy environment that I have enjoyed from the beginning of my career. I know that not all children are so lucky. I will do everything at my level to have codes of conduct implemented in my sport, to minimise risks and to know how to deal with them"

Mélina Robert-Michon
Olympic silver medallist, Discus Thrower, Rio 2016
Photo credit: Stéphane Kempinaire – Kmsp

"I have become a fulfilled woman, a CEO and a caring mother who listens to her children. I wish that, if they decide to do sport, that they can do it in a healthy environment where anyone is free to speak up"

Sarah Ourahmoune
Olympic silver medallist, boxing, Rio 2016
Photo credit: Pressesports

"Sport is my life. I’m enjoying its many benefits since my early childhood. We, the athletes, have to speak up. We must fight to protect sports values and for sport grounds to remain environments where all children can develop to their full potential, regardless of their origins. I will encourage other athletes to join this cause."

Ayodélé Ikuesan
Sprinter, silver medallist, European athletics championships
Photo credit : FFA (French Athletics Federation)

"At the age of 15, I was a national Champion in gymnastics and participated in the Moscow Olympics. I am a survivor of child sexual abuse in sport. It took me over 30 years to find my #voice. Today I support survivors and work to promote safe and protective sporting environments. It is the adults’ responsibility to keep children safe, healthy and happy. We must break the silence and #StartToTalk"

Gloria Viseras
Athlete’s advocate for safe sport

"There is no moment as beautiful as childhood to truly live sport. Sport holds the unique power to make girls and boys dream while, at the same time, teaching them how to live life. We, the people in the world of sport, have a moral obligation to fight for this world to be always safe and comforting for all children — anywhere in the world and regardless of their background."

Roberto Carlos
FIFA World Cup Winner, FIFA Legend

"A child’s love for sport is one of the most pure and beautiful feelings that exist. Since childhood, football has always been my safe haven, and this is exactly what sport practice should feel like for every boy or girl around the world. Whoever loves sport and cares about human life must be ready to stand up for child protection."

Iker Casillas
FIFA World Cup Winner, FIFA Legend

"Many children suffer abuse in their sport activities; adults must work to stop this and create safe environments. There’s no time to waste, it´s time to #StartToTalk and futsal players are committed with the cause"

Carlos Ortiz
Captain of the Spanish National Men Team of the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF)

"Education and strict protocols are needed to identify, to prevent and to avoid sexual abuse that, in 80% of cases, is from the child’s circle of trust. Futsal players are against these actions and support #StartToTalk."

Anita Lujan
Captain of the Spanish National Women Team of the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF)

"I became the victim of sexual abuse in the youth academy of Vitesse football club at the age of twelve. For twenty years I walked around with my secret, a big taboo in the sports world. I overcame a deep psychological crisis because of the abuse and now want to help other athletes and prevent abuse. That is why I founded the ‘’Break the silence Foundation’’, which is committed to prevent and tackle abuse in sports."

Renald Majoor
Director of the Break the silence Foundation Photo credit : Jiri Buller

"When I remember my youth, my sport memories are the most present and allow me to relive the happiness and innocence of those days. This is why, whether in my role as a public figure or a sportswoman, I feel compelled and have always tried to defend children’s rights and break the silence surrounding sexual abuse. Let us ensure that sport makes magic in the life of every child"

Rosa Mota
Marathon runner, 1st woman in Portugal to win a gold medal at the Olympic Games (Seoul, 1988). Bronze medallist at the 1st women’s Olympic marathon (LA, 1984)

"I have played ice-hockey since I learned to walk. I love the game, the speed at which decisions must be taken, as well as the strong team spirit. But abuse happens in ice-hockey too. We coaches have a major role to play. It is our duty to speak out and ensure that everyone practicing ice-hockey feels safe. Let’s #StartToTalk and make sure sexual abuse and exploitation has no place in our locker rooms, in our teams, in our clubs. The training kit provided will help us to prevent and respond to abuse. I invite all my coach colleagues around the world to join."

Daniel Bourdage
Coach of Ice-Hockey Strasbourg team Etoile Noire, French Magnus League

"It is a fundamental principle of Olympism that the practice of sport is a human right. This right must be exercised freely without fear of harassment or abuse of any kind. We must be more determined than ever to protect athletes. One case, is one case too many. We must ensure that sport earns the trust of parents - the same parents whose children we hope to carry the torch of Olympism for future generations. Together, we can make a profound difference, and ensure that sport leads the way, in preventing harassment and abuse, in all forms."

HRH Prince Feisal Al Hussein
IOC Member; IOC Women in Sport Commission Vice-Chair & IOC Prevention of Harassment and Abuse in Sport Working Group Chair, Jordan

"For as long as I can remember swimming has been my passion. As an athlete I was able to thrive in a safe and supportive environment. This is the right that all athletes have. All forms of harassment and abuse are detrimental to athlete welfare. We must stand together to promote Safe Sport for all."

Kirsty Coventry
Olympic Champion; IOC Athletes' Commission Chair, Zimbabwe

"All forms of harassment and abuse are against the Olympic values. Some may constitute a criminal offence. It is imperative that we safeguard athletes, who are at the heart of the Olympic Movement. All athletes have the right to safe sport – sport which is fair, equitable and free from all forms of harassment and abuse."

Susan Greinig
IOC Safeguarding Officer

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Need on valitsused, organisatsioonid, institutsioonid, föderatsioonid, klubid ja meeskonnad, kes osalevad meiega koos, et viia ellu MUUDATUSI, mis on vajalikud spordikeskkonna KÕIGILE LASTELE turvaliseks ja jõustavaks loomiseks.

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"Sport has the power to positively affect social groups; it has the power to change them. It inspires us through its values to create a more human society. Leading figures in sport and sports bodies must especially protect children and young people from any kind of abuse within the field of sport, within the sports family. We must ensure a healthy and safe sports environment that contributes to the physical and mental development of children and young people and safeguards the Olympic sports values in all areas and in society as a whole. Zero tolerance for abuse! We fight all forms of abuse in sport, at school, on the field, in the arena! And we say: ‘Break the Silence - Speak out, do not tolerate’. We all work together for a new, bright, modern, fair, transparent and democratic sport structure."

Mr Lefteris Avgenakis
Deputy Minister of Culture and Sports of Greece

"Where child protection systems fail, this must be acknowledged. High-profile scandals have shed light on institutional violence: in places where children should feel safe to live, learn and pursue their interests, hobbies and sports, they have instead been abused. It is very difficult for children to speak up about incidents of this kind – instead, adults must be ready to prevent violence, to protect victims, and to end impunity for the perpetrators."

Marija Pejčinović Burić
Secretary General of the Council of Europe

"Creating a safe playing environment for children is integral to our social responsibility objectives. The tools and materials developed by the Council of Europe as part of its Start to Talk initiative are extremely valuable and will certainly complement our own measures. We are committed to cooperate with the Council of Europe to further strengthen the protection of children in sport, particularly in football."

"FIFA would like to express its support for the “Start to talk” initiative of the Council of Europe Agreement on Sport (EPAS). FIFA has a statutory commitment, elaborated in its human rights policy, to respecting all internationally recognised human rights. It is in the process of expanding its policy framework in order to address precisely the protection of children and vulnerable adults. Through concrete actions and cooperation in policy formulation between the Council of Europe and FIFA, we look forward to benefiting from each other’s experience and expertise in order to create a safer environment for the youngest and most vulnerable members of our communities."

"Oro, Plata y Bronce is dedicated to the promotion of safe sport, free from all forms of violence against athletes. We support athletes and their families and work with sport organisations and institutions to help reduce risks for children, young athletes and vulnerable adults. We are delighted to join and amplify the Council of Europe #starttotalk initiative."

"With our network of over 14 500 practitioners committed to stop child sexual exploitation and trafficking in the United-Kingdom, we are delighted to support the #starttotalk campaign. We are fully committed to raising awareness of the standards, tools and resources developed by the Council of Europe and to promote the silence breakers’ commitment across our network."

"Public authorities and sport organisations share the responsibility to prevent and respond to sexual abuse against children in sport. I trust that many governments, organisations and institutions will partner with us to unleash sport’s potential to create safe and protective environments for all children. Don’t be a spectator. Be the game changer!"

Gabriella Battaini-Dragoni
Deputy Secretary General of the Council of Europe

"The Government of Spain gives absolute priority to the needs and rights of children, and to the struggle to guarantee them a safe, healthy and abuse-free environment. The physical and sporting activity of our children is a vital part of their integral development. For the Ministry of Justice and the High Council for Sport of Spain, abuse stays off side #abusestaysoffside"

The Ministry of Justice and the High Council for Sport of Spain. Spanish government (Dolores Delgado, Maria José Rienda)

"Given the unique role that sport plays in the lives of children and young athletes, particularly in their education, training and personal and social development, we are committed to raise awareness, implement protective measures in sport organisations, along with the empowerment of athletes and capacity building of Athletes' Entourage to the risks related with sexual harassment and abuse in sport context"

Portuguese Institute of Sport and Youth [Instituto Português do Desporto e Juventude]

"Futsal is practiced by girls and boys since early years, at school or sport clubs and leagues, and always surrounded by adults. Make a goal playing with whoever you want, but mainly… save every uncomfortable situation for you, don´t be afraid and #StartToTalk. AJFS & AJFSF give you all the support!"

AJFS & AJFSF Association of professional futsal players (AJFS) and Association of women futsal players (AJFSF) [Asociación de Jugadores profesionales de Fútbol Sala y Asociación de Jugadoras de Fútbol Sala Femenino]

"We are deeply affected by the immense suffering of victims of sexual abuse. What they experience is very dramatic. That is why we take measures to support victims, to act decisively against perpetrators and to prevent more casualties. The #StartToTalk initiative of the Council of Europe is very helpful in this"

The Dutch Olympic Committee*Dutch Sports Federation (NOC*NSF)

"For many children and young people, sport represents a fundamental source of well-being where they find a second family. The trust and confidence normally found in a healthy environment generates an illusion of opportunity, which can lead to situations of sexual abuse. It is crucial that each of us is able to contribute to breaking the silence to ensure a protective sporting environment!"

João Paulo RebeloSecretary of State for youth and sports

"The Norwegian Government is strongly committed to fighting all forms of violence and sexual abuse against children. The large majority of our children and teenagers have participated in sports at some point in their childhood. We owe them to fully enjoy their rights to participate in sport in a safe environment, free from sexual violence."

Trine Skei Grande, Minister of Culture & Linda Hofstad Helleland, Minister of Children and Equality

"Sport is global, crossing cultures and laws. But there is only one culture that must apply to athletes - one of respect. The IOC firmly rejects all forms of harassment and abuse, which have no place in sport, nor in society, and advocates for safe and supportive sports environments. We all share the responsibility to take affirmative steps to help protect sport and all those that take part in it. We applaud the Council of Europe for this important initiative, which complements our efforts to safeguard athletes and create safe and enjoyable sporting experiences."

International Olympic Committee (IOC)

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