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€52.3 million more for human rights, democracy and the rule of law

Interview with Verena Taylor
5'02'' 4 February 2016 Council of Europe Strasbourg

Verena Taylor directs the Office of the Directorate General of Programmes (ODGP), which coordinates Council of Europe cooperation activities in member states and non-member states in its neighbourhood. Cooperation activities help countries reach the Organisation's standards in human rights, rule of law and democracy. In 2015 the Council of Europe received extra budgetary resources worth a total of €52.3 million. This represents a 23% increase on 2014.

Receipts consisted particularly of European Union contributions, in the framework of Joint Programmes, worth €25.8 million and representing a 20% increase on 2014, and €23.5 million from member States, representing a 31% increase on 2014.

36 member states contributed in 2015, notably:

  • Denmark: €5 million
  • Norway: €4.7 million
  • Sweden: €3 million
  • Switzerland: €2.4 million
  • Turkey: €808k
  • Finland: €801k

These figures are based on funds credited to the Council of Europe in 2015.

New Joint Programmes are also being agreed with the European Union. In December 2015, the Deputy Secretary General signed eleven new Joint Programmes worth €35.6 million. The thematic scope is broad, from countering threats and strengthening the rule of law (reform of judiciary, corruption, money laundering, cybercrime) to promoting human rights and dignity (inclusion of Roma, dialogue with civil society, support to human rights institutions).

Most of the programmes will be implemented through the field offices, which together with the Directorate General of Human Rights and Rule of Law and the Directorate General of Democracy played a crucial role in the process leading up to the signature of the contracts.

The current global portfolio of Joint Programmes now stands at €112 million. In 2015 contributions in the framework of joint programmes accounted for 49% of total extra budgetary receipts.

ODGP provides dedicated support to co-operation, covering the whole project cycle - from programme formulation to closure.

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