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Artificial Intelligence could threaten your human rights!

Rules to protect our rights should accompany technical developments
0'30" 18 April 2018 Council of Europe Strasbourg

Artificial intelligence (AI) will revolutionise the way we live. In fields such as medicine, communications and transport new opportunities abound. But the consequences of AI’s advance for democracy, human rights and the rule of law are still unclear. As the late Stephen Hawking warned, the risks of unregulated AI are unprecedented.

Algorithms are already said to be able to identify the best candidates for a job, assist doctors to establish medical diagnoses or help lawyers before the courts. All this is not entirely new. Already in the 1980s, expert systems assisted humans with a high level of expertise. What is new today is that computers are increasingly able to perform extremely complex tasks independently. We therefore clearly need regulation to leave essential decision-making to humans and not to mathematical models, whose adequacy and biases are not controlled.

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