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Healing the scars of war through education

Council of Europe Balkan experiment shows how reconciliation can be achieved
8'30" 18 July 2014 Council of Europe Strasbourg

Twenty years on from the end of the devastating conflict in ex-Yugoslavia, divisions still run deep across the region. Political solutions have brought stability, but the scars of the inter-communal violence have yet to heal completely.

Much has been achieved by initiatives to build bridges between former enemies and that work is ongoing. One example is an EU-backed programme to enhance inclusiveness in schools, some of which remain segregated along sectarian lines.

In this edition of the Euronews current affairs series “Reporter” from 2014, we meet some of the students taking part in the programme, which is being run by the Council of Europe. They include young people from a range of ethnic backgrounds and others vulnerable to exclusion for other reasons. Together, they all play their part in a uniquely flexible approach to education and a determination among students, teachers and parents to break down barriers that in the past have kept people apart.

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