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Istanbul Convention in action

Protecting women from violence: focus on four countries
15'40" 2 June 2021 Council of Europe Strasbourg

This special documentary illustrates the impact of the Istanbul Convention in four countries: Albania, France, Italy and Sweden. The documentary features interviews with state or civil society actors who give concrete examples of measures taken in these countries, in four areas, better known as the “4Ps” of the Istanbul Convention. They are: Prevention of violence against women; Protection of victims; Prosecution of perpetrators and Integrated Policies on violence against women. 

Prevention is illustrated by the work of professionals at the Center for Abusive Men in Florence. Protection is presented by “La Maison des Femmes” (the Women’s Home) as a specialised support service at the Saint Denis hospital in France, providing psycho-medical support to women victims of domestic violence, sexual violence, forced marriage and female genital mutilation. Prosecution is depicted by the effects of the 2018 change in the definition of sexual violence in Sweden, which now ensures that “all non-consensual sexual acts are criminalised”. Finally, Integrated Policies are represented by the Referral Mechanism against Domestic Violence in Albania, a local co-operation mechanism set up among professionals from different sectors which provides a standard procedure to protec t and support victims of domestic violence.

All in all, the documentary demonstrates the practical relevance of the Istanbul Convention in providing concrete responses to the needs of women victims of the different forms of violence covered by the Convention.

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