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Domestic violence and violence against women

Domestic violence and violence against women

Stalking, sexual harassment, sexual violence (including rape), physical and psychological abuse at the hands of intimate partners, forced marriage, and forced sterilisation are all deeply traumatising acts of violence. The overwhelming majority of victims are women, who also suffer female genital mutilation and forced abortion. The cruel and degrading behaviour that women experience are shocking. If we consider that men carry out most violence, it is just a small step to understanding that violence against women is structural violence – violence that is used to sustain male power and control.

Council of Europe videos on domestic violence and violence against women

Istanbul Convention in action
15'40"Watch now
Protecting women from violence: focus on four countries
2 June 2021
Council of Europe Strasbourg
Let's end gender inequality!
0'30"Watch now
Building a better world for women
1 March 2019
Council of Europe Strasbourg
Interview with Inna Shevchenko
4'45"Watch now
Sexual harassment and sexual violence against women
23 November 2017
Council of Europe Strasbourg
No to online hate speech against women!
0'30"Watch now
Join the Council of Europe's No Hate Speech Movement
5 May 2011
Universidade Lusófona Lisbon
The Party
0'50"Watch now
Help stamp out online hate speech against women
17 January 2015
Council of Europe Strasbourg
Tackling domestic violence in Turkey
8’00”Watch now
More European countries need to sign the Istanbul Convention
15 September 2011
Council of Europe Strasbourg
Domestic violence against women
1'17'Watch now
Istanbul convention
12 September 2013
Council of Europe Strasbourg
Gender equality – sexism in the media
6'50''Watch now
Fighting gender stereotyping
12 May 2014
Council of Europe Strasbourg
Domestic Violence
0'31''Watch now
Victim or witness? Speak out!
12 January 2009
Council of Europe Strasbourg


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