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Refugees and Migration

Refugees and Migration

Migration is not a threat to our democracies, but intolerance and hatred undoubtedly are. Our common objective must be to fight terrorism, not to fight migrants, refugees and asylum seekers.

The most vulnerable of groups in Europe today is migrant children, who often are denied basic health care and education, and run the risk of being exploited by traffickers or smugglers.

As soon as refugees put their foot on European soil they should be treated equally under the European Convention of Human rights.

Do you want to know more about how we protect the human rights of refugees? The answers are just one click away.

Council of Europe videos on Refugees and migration 

World Refugee Day 2020
4'05"Watch now
How best to integrate refugees into their new home?
20 June 2020
Council of Europe Strasbourg
Protecting human rights: refugees, migrants and asylum seekers
10'48"Watch now
Interview with Ambassador Drahoslav Štefánek
17 June 2020
Council of Europe Strasbourg
Integrating refugees and encouraging diversity
3'15"Watch now
What policies should cities adopt?
29 July 2019
Council of Europe Strasbourg
Supporting young refugees to access their rights
6'05"Watch now
Committee of Ministers passes new recommendation
27 May 2019
Council of Europe Strasbourg
European Qualifications Passport for Refugees
3'25"Watch now
A new document to change someone's life for the better
28 March 2019
Council of Europe Strasbourg
How to integrate migrants into their new country?
5'00"Watch now
A good example from Switzerland
12 September 2018
Council of Europe Strasbourg
Healing the scars of war through education
8'30"Watch now
Council of Europe Balkan experiment shows how reconciliation can be achieved
18 July 2014
Council of Europe Strasbourg
Intercultural Cities
8’00"Watch now
Cultural diversity is an asset not a threat
26 March 2011
Council of Europe Neuchatel, Switzerland
Council of Europe Convention against Human Trafficking
7’45”Watch now
Fighting a global scourge
3 April 2006
Stop Human Trafficking!
12'58''Watch now
Council of Europe’s GRETA fights brutal trade in human beings
20 January 2014
Council of Europe Strasbourg
Integrating migrants in Europe
4’00”Watch now
Encouraging migrants to build their own businesses
30 April 2015
Council of Europe Strasbourg


Guest videos on Refugees and migration

Dear Santa....
1'13"Watch now
All I want for Christmas is acceptance
12 April 2017
Universidade Lusófona Lisbon
See Actions, not Colours
0'52"Watch now
Fighting against discrimination
23 April 2017
Universidade Lusófona Lisbon
Now he is just another refugee...
0'42"Watch now
Migrants are not so different from ourselves
24 April 2017
Universidade Lusófona Lisbon
We have more in common than we think
0'37"Watch now
Don't judge by appearances - they can be misleading
24 April 2017
Universidade Lusófona Lisbon
Stop to think why you hate them
1'16"Watch now
Understand a person before you judge them
28 March 2017
Universidade Lusófona Lisbon
When you don't exist...
2'10"Watch now
Migrants just want a normal life
10 September 2012
Amnesty International London
Diversity in the classroom
0'30''Watch now
Living Together in Europe
20 June 2014
Universidade Lusófona Lisbon

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